Meet the District Attorney - Russ Goodman

Russ was born and raised in Dothan, AL. He is a graduate of Northview High School, Auburn University, and Cumberland School of Law. Russ has been a member of Covenant United Methodist Church since 2006, a board member for Dothan National Baseball at Westgate Park since 2016, and a board member for the Exchange Center for Child Abuse and Prevention since 2021.

With 12 years in criminal defense and prosecuting criminal cases, Russ has knowledge of our court and legal system from multiple perspectives. Russ has successfully prosecuted cases ranging from traffic violations, burglary, and drug-related crimes, to child abuse, elderly abuse, rape and murder.

Russ has served as Assistant District Attorney under two District Attorneys with excellent success records in criminal prosecution (Doug Valeska and Tom Anderson) as well as under the previous DA, Patrick B. Jones, III. This unique opportunity to be mentored under multiple leadership styles has allowed him the understanding of what it takes to be an effective District Attorney.

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